The Fluffers

Kevin Swartz (drums)
Kevin has played drums for 20 years, with styles ranging from concert percussion to blues/funk to metal. As well as a founding member of The Fluffers, Kevin has played, recorded, and toured with acts such as Burning Monk, Bottom, Forgotten Gods, and Archer.

Keith Stater (bass)
Keith has played bass as a writer, recording artist, producer and live performer all over the globe with bands such as Preacher Boy and the Natural Blues, Electric Buffalo, Mechanizm, and Love Not Dead (with Geoff Knoop FLUFFER guitarist) and has opened shows for artist such as Kelly Clarkson, Linda Perry, Mick Fleetwood, Dio, and many more. In 2011 Keith wrote the music for the salient Breast Cancer short film BforaCure.

Geoff Knoop (guitar)
Starting playing in local bands in the early eighties. Contributing  to local compilations and releases, Geoff got to know and work with local artists such as Prairie Prince (The Tubes, XTC, Chris Issac…), Disna Mangano (Starship, Great American Robber Barons…) and others.

Kevin Harding (musical director)
Kevin Harding composed the film score “Mouse Ward,” exhibited a sound installation at SF MOMA, and released a new album with his rock band. He has worked at A&M Studios, Polygram, was the music director at Monroe High School in the Bronx NYC, and is currently a music therapist with foster kids in San Francisco producing their rap and metal records.